We believe people are the core
of every successful business

The modern workplace is changing fundamentally.
We're building the platform for continuous feedback and learning.



Jenny Podewils


Kajetan Armansperg


In 2016, still in our previous jobs as managers at Funding Circle and DIE ZEIT, we saw that accelerating change through digitization calls for a new model of performance and talent management - a model that does away with tedious processes, keeps the employee engaged and creates a scalable culture of continuous learning to nurture your top talent.


"Frequent peer feedback is a key driver of success as organizations aim to become more agile. It is also a powerful tool for engaging millennials, an increasingly dominant part of the workforce. Leapsome is used by organizations to establish an agile and successful feedback culture."

Heidi Stopper, Former CHRO at ProSiebenSat.1 & VP HR at EADS


Rooted in cutting-edge science

Leapsome was named a top idea (out of 350 contributions) and awarded a grant in a recent challenge by OpenIDEO and the Greater Good Science Center at the University of Berkeley. Leapsome builds on insights from Carol Dweck's (Stanford) research, using a "growth mindset" logic and helping users understand their learning potential. Similarly, we incorporate results of Adam Grant's (Wharton) research into collaboration in teams.


More than software

In a people business, software can only support the process. We have therefore partnered up with certified trainers to help you manage critical change in your organization effectively.

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"The most successful teams in Silicon Valley and beyond are those working on continuously learning how to improve. Not just their products and services but also themselves. Continuous peer feedback enables teams to achieve a culture of sustained learning and professional growth. Leapsome accelerates teams and empowers them to execute at their full potential."

Pascal Finette, VP & Entrepreneurship Chair Singularity University Ex-Google, Mozilla and eBay