Build better teams
with continuous feedback

Next-generation performance management
to develop your employees and build a strong culture



"The most successful teams in Silicon Valley and beyond are those working on continuously learning how to improve. Not just their products and services but also themselves. Continuous peer feedback enables teams to achieve a culture of sustained learning and professional growth. Leapsome accelerates teams and empowers them to execute at their full potential."

Pascal Finette, VP & Entrepreneurship Chair Singularity University Ex-Google, Mozilla and eBay


  Retain key talent

Highly engaged companies benefit from 61% lower churn and re-hiring costs.

  Boost productivity

Highly engaged companies have 35% fewer sick days and 29% higher productivity.

  Increase revenues

Every 1% increase in engagement delivers up to a 0.7% increase in revenue.

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Employees, managers and HR teams love to use Leapsome


Boost engagement and learning
with continuous feedback

Increase productivity with
agile goal management and 1:1s

Retain key talent by offering
a roadmap for professional growth

Free up time for strategic initiatives
by automating performance reviews



Boost engagement and learning
with continuous feedback

Share and request peer feedback wherever you are - web, mobile, and even from Gmail and Slack. Empower your team to learn and develop continuously.



Retain key talent by offering a
roadmap for professional growth

Give your employees a (completely private!) profile to track strengths and development progress over time. Enable your team to take charge of and accelerate professional development.

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Scale teams effectively
by aligning on goals and culture

Manage team and individual goals to keep your organization aligned. Define, track and report goals at any level to improve transparency and accountability.

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Create strong leaders
by enabling powerful 1:1 meetings

Prepare in minutes by creating shared meeting agendas. Never lose a thought by adding talking points. Summarize meetings to stay aligned.

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"We were looking for a solution to help us drive feedback and continuous development at Empaua. Leapsome is helping us to build the effective and transparent feedback and communication culture that we need as a fast-growing company."

Elena Lange, People & Culture at Empaua


Benchmark team competencies
to understand learning needs

Consult team reports to trace skills and competencies across the organization over time. Make well-informed training decisions and recruit to fill gaps.

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Increase employer attractiveness
by offering personalized learning

Give your teams access to curated learning resources that match individual competency profiles. Enable your team members to mentor each other.

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Get more things done by
automating performance reviews

Run delightfully simple, highly automated and effective 360° performance reviews. Writing accurate and helpful reviews becomes easier thanks to intelligent suggestions from your previous feedback.

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"Frequent peer feedback is a key driver of success as organizations aim to become more agile. It is also a powerful tool for engaging millennials, an increasingly dominant part of the workforce. Leapsome is used by organizations to establish an agile and successful feedback culture."

Heidi Stopper, Former CHRO at ProSiebenSat.1 & VP HR at EADS


Ensuring the platform is used
through deep integrations

Leapsome is a platform that is actually used - to achieve that, we built deep integrations into Gmail and Slack. We also offer integrations into HRIS tools to minimize the effort to get up and running.



Rooted in cutting-edge science

Leapsome builds on insights from Carol Dweck's (Stanford) research, building on a "growth mindset" logic and helping users understand their learning potential. Similarly, we incorporate results of Adam Grant's (Wharton) research into collaboration in teams.

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More than software

In a people business, software can only support the process. We have therefore partnered up with certified trainers to help you manage critical change in your organization effectively.

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Optimal data protection

All data is stored safely on servers in the European Union. A permanently monitored server architecture, detailed backup plans and precise role management guarantee the optimal privacy and data protection.

Fast and flexible setup

Get started in minutes with our default setup. Tailor Leapsome to your needs with a variety of intuitive customization options. If ever you have questions during setup, we’ve got your back with our customer success team.


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