Goal, OKR & 1:1 Management

Scale teams effectively
by aligning on goals

Manage company, team and individual goals and 1:1 meetings to keep your organization aligned. Define, track and report goals at any level to improve transparency and accountability.



  Keep everybody aligned

Share goals with individuals, teams or the company to create alignment.

  Highly customizable

Tailor goal visibility, key results, metrics and deadlines to your needs.

  Always up-to-date

A strong integration with the feedback module guarantees that goals stay updated.


Make goal management an engaging, helpful conversation

Go beyond simple tracking by sharing feedback on goals or requesting feedback on them. Customize the visibility of each goal to share with the company, specific teams or individual colleagues.



Create strong leaders
by enabling powerful 1:1 meetings

Prepare in minutes by creating shared meeting agendas. Never lose a thought by adding talking points. Summarize meetings to stay aligned.



Visualize goal dependencies & the path to success

Relate individual, team and company goals to one another and automatically create goal trees that highlight dependencies and the path to success.