360° Performance Reviews

Get more things done
by automating reviews

Run delightfully simple, highly automated and effective 360° performance reviews. Writing accurate and helpful reviews becomes easier thanks to suggestions from your previous feedback.


  Save time

Pre-built templates and automatic reminders help you save precious time.

  Customize, if needed

Build on templates or customize questions, participants, scope and visibility.

  Increase accuracy

View historical feedback to write more accurate performance reviews.


Choose the review type
that perfectly suits your team

Select from pre-built classic, 360°, peer review or leadership templates to get started right away - or build your own.



Write more accurate reviews
by building on historical feedback

While writing reviews, managers can access their historical feedback to the reviewee, allowing them to provide a more balanced picture.


"Leapsome is a great tool which ensures that Campanda’s employees give each other meaningful feedback with high frequency. In a fast-growing company like ours, it is an invaluable platform to scale a development-oriented culture!"

Frederik Froehle,
COO & Co-Founder, Campanda