Continuous Feedback and Learning

Boost engagement and learning
with continuous feedback

Share and request peer feedback wherever you are - web, mobile, and even from Gmail and Slack. Empower your team to learn and develop continuously.


  Feedback from anywhere

Slack & Gmail integrations enable your team to use Leapsome from anywhere.

  Data-driven feedback

Collect both open and structured feedback to gain insights and identify trends.

  Backed by science

Use our best-practice framework to get started in minutes, no setup required.


Give feedback at the right time,
wherever you are

Finally a platform that is actually used! Our Gmail and Slack integrations allow you to give and request feedback right where you are - no need to switch context.



Retain key talent by offering a
roadmap for professional growth

Give your employees a (completely private) profile to track strengths and development progress over time. Enable your team to take charge of and accelerate professional development.



Increase employer attractiveness
by offering personalized learning

Give your teams access to curated learning resources that match individual competency profiles.



Benchmark team competencies
to understand learning needs

Consult team reports to trace skills and competencies across the organization over time. Make well-informed training decisions and recruit to fill gaps.


"Leapsome is a great tool which ensures that Campanda’s employees give each other meaningful feedback with high frequency. In a fast-growing company like ours, it is an invaluable platform to scale a development-oriented culture!"

Frederik Froehle,
COO & Co-Founder, Campanda