1:1 Meetings

Create strong leaders by enabling powerful 1:1 meetings

Use meeting time more effectively and become a better coach by creating shared meeting agendas during the week. Easily add talking points via Gmail and Slack.


  Use your time effectively

Hold more structured meetings by collecting talking points up-front.

  Add from Gmail & Slack

Never loose a thought again. Simply add it to your meeting via Gmail & Slack.

  Get custom reminders

Get a reminder with your shared talking points just before the meeting.


Get an up-to-date meeting agenda delivered to your inbox

On the day of your meeting, get an email with your up-to-date agenda and talking points delivered right to your inbox. During the meeting, focus on discussing on what really matters.



Keep track of meeting results and plan next steps

Take notes during the meeting and discuss actionable next steps. Look up your meeting history to see what was discussed before.